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Specialist in:
  • Website design, development and management
  • Online marketing and SEO
  • Social media marketing and Google Ads
Satisfaction guarantee:
“If the visual elements or functionality of the completed product is different than in the agreed proposal and mockups, I will work for free until all issues are resolved.”

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What to Expect

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Step One:
I offer a free consultation where you can tell me about your business requirements and I can give you advice on what would be the best fit for your purpose. I will then give a no-obligation quote and contract. If you have any questions after this, don't hesitate to get in touch.

The most important step

The goals and scale of the website are discussed clearly and in detail.

This helps avoid delays further down the line. It's a good idea to create a list of key features you want your website to have. The three most important questions are:

What domain name do you want?

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Your domain name is basically your business name with a www. in front of it and an extension at the end (e.g. www.example.com).

You can check to see if your desired domain name is available by searching for it here.

If a company says they will give you a free domain name for the first year,
They will autorenew at a high price after you're locked in to registering your domain with them. You can buy the domain name for much cheaper elsewhere with a discount for paying for multiple years at once. You can then integrate your domain from elsewhere in to a Wordpress website.

This will inform how much hosting space you will need and therefore whether you will need shared hosting (for smaller, startup sites), a Virtual Private Network for bigger businesses, or your own dedicated server (for big companies). Find out more about hosting services.

How much content will your website have?

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CMS or build from scratch?

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CMS (Content Management System) website builders such as Wordpress or Shopify make the design process faster. They also offer the ability for you to add and manage the content of your own website once it's all up and running. However, they can also be limited in terms of personalisation and ease of back-end coding (the non-visual functionality of the website).

A website built from scratch may take longer, but it's more personalised (no templates used), can easily have fast, efficient programming coded in, and is more SEO friendly.

My personal recommendation for startup businesses wanting to sell goods online whilst reducing cost is to integrate "Shopify Lite" with a "from scratch" website.

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Step Two:
Concept Design. After contracting my services, sketches and/or page mock-ups are created that reflect the general appearance, look and feel of the website for visitors.


At this stage you will be shown a mockup of the website for feedback.

This is the first opportunity for feedback so I can make changes to the design before the actual coding begins. If changes to the design are requested after this step, it's not a problem. However, it will take more time and if more than around 15% is required to change, it makes sense that we may have to come back to step one or two.

desktop mockup for a roofing contractor website

A website mockup in desktop view

mockup for a roofing contractor website in mobile view

A website mockup in mobile view

an image of code on a computer screen snippets of code

Step Three:
Creation and Coding for Primary Pages. Primary site web pages are created to meet all the appearance, performance, and content requirements.

Behind the Scenes

Where your ideas become reality.

This is where the main bulk of time is spent. The foundation of your website is built on industry-standard web-design, marketing principles and SEO. This includes making your website responsive across devices, writing engaging content for a satisfying user experience, and setting up 'behind the scenes' code to start your journey down the rabbit hole of SEO.

User Experience

User Experience, or UX for short, combines many principles of industry standard web design and online marketing. These are so important that Google actually ranks websites higher in searches if they demonstrate a positive UX.

    These principles include:
  • Have engaging content on screen as soon as your page loads. In a report by the Neilson Norman Group, 54% of website viewers didn't even scroll below 'the fold' (the bottom of the screen content as it first loads). No scrolling at all! Which is why encouraging scrolling and having engaging content straight off the bat is very important.

a graph from the report showing how many people scrolled below the fold
Graphic courtesy of Neilson Norman Group
  • CTA's, or 'Call to Action' buttons, are a vital marketing tool for any business. It's important to have one at the top and bottom of every page and keeping up with the latest research. For example, in 2021:
    1. Performable found that red CTAs boosted their conversion rate by 21%.(Quicksprout)
    2. Making CTAs look like buttons created a 45% boost in clicks for CreateDebate.(Copyblogger)
    3. Personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs.(hubspot)


Search Engine Optimisation covers an ever-evolving variety of methods and strategies to get your website ranked high on a search engine. This is why, if you want to use your website as more than an electronic business card, 2 to 3 well written, researched and engaging blog webpages or articles related to your product/services are an important place to start for several reasons:

  • They can be targeted towards key search terms related to your business, bringing more organic traffic to your website.
  • They engage visitors, making them stay on your site for longer, improving engagement which leads to higher Google rankings.
  • Every blog or article can be posted to social media or linked to from other websites it may appeal to, generating organic backlinks back to your website, again, ranking your website higher in Google.

Keep in mind that the articles need to be of high quality, engaging and easily shareable. Since I'm a web designer with a background in marketing, I offer content writing as part of my services.

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Step Four:
Creation of Secondary Pages. Upon feedback from the client, the primary pages will be reviewed and updated. The secondary pages will then be created.

Secondary to None

Another important opportunity for feedback

The homepage, or "primary" pages", will be presented for feedback. Think of this as the 'master copy'. Some code will be copied from the primary pages to create the sub-pages, or "secondary pages". If something needs to be changed on the primary pages then now is the time to point it out. Take your time, no more work will be done until you have confirmed you're happy with the design so far.

Now all the secondary pages for the website get filled in.

The code copied over from the primary pages give the secondary pages the same general style, colours and functionality of the primary page, but they have different content. For example, a primary page may be a "homepage" to your blog with selections of blogs for readers to browse through. Your secondary pages will be the pages containing each individual blog. Each will have a different photo, different text and some parts of the overall design may be different.

a phone screen with a thumbs up and thumbs down for providing feedback symbols for rating content

Step Five:
Review and Testing. Webpages will be reviewed by the client and feedback received will be applied to the website.

The Final Cut

The final version of the website is uploaded and sent to you for a personal viewing.

At this stage, no matter how little you may want a change to be, make sure you tell me. You may disagree with the wording on a section, or the image placed in a section, but it's vital you let me know. After final submission of the website, you have 48 hours to review it yourself and let me know if you want something changed. After the 48 hours, I can still make changes for you but it will be charged at my standard hourly rate.


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photo of J Tortosa

Amazing customer service! Bill is very personable yet very professional, he does a graphic design draft of what each page would look like and then asks for your feedback, so you know exactly what you are getting and can shape the design of your own website. Love it!

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Really pleased with my logo and I got loads of advice for my online store. Definitely coming back for a website when I'm ready to go online!

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